HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter

Batterie pour HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter

For HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter + Free Power Cord

This is high quality HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter, provides your laptop/tablet with safe and reliable power. It is lightweight, easy to carry, perfect for the home, office, or travel. You will always get the best result from this portable AC Adapter. This For HP EliteBook 840 G2 Charger is 100% compatible and guaranteed meets or exceeds the original manufacturer specifications.

  • Condition:100% Brand New For HP EliteBook 840 G2 Power Supply
  • Quality Assurance:CE & FCC & RoHS
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty | 60 Days Money Back
  • Safety:Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection .
  • For HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter Come with Power cord, Free!!

Price: $28.99

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  • Product Details

Brand New 19.5V 2.31A/3.33A 45W/65W AC Adapter Charger Power Supply For HP EliteBook 840 G2 Laptop Series

Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output : 19.5V ~ 2.31A

Power: 45W

Connecter size: 7.4 x 5.0MM With Pin

Package Included :
1 X Brand New AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)
Compatible with part number:

HP: 606694-001,696607-001, 696607-003, 696694-001, PA-1450-32HJ, 742437-001, 744893-001

Fits for laptop computer model:

HP EliteBook 840 G2 Notebook series

N3F57EC, N7Q00EC, N7P97EC, N3F15EC, N3F49EC, N3F42EC, N3F43EC, T6A28EC, P4T06ES, M3N41ES, N6Q68ET, P4T53EA, N0V86UP, N0V87UP, M3N87EA, N6Q17EA, N7P88EC, N9G28EP, N9G30EP, N2R23EP, P5B89EC, T4U90UC, P5B58EC, T4U01UP, N3F23EC, N3F25EC, N3F86EC, T4M72LP, T5S46US, M7C48UP, P5B64EP, T0N87US, H0HN0EC, P5B86EP, P5B92EP, N0U18EC, N0U29EC, N3E57EC, N6K00UC, P5B66EP, H0HN1EC, M6N69US, M6N84US, N3E59EC, P2Z47US, N2C21US, N4J73US, N6J48US, T5S48US, T5S49US, H0KG2EC, N9G32EP, P3E94EP, P5E73US, N2A68US, N9N66US, P2Y68US, H0JU2EC, M7C55UP, N0M73US, N0U19EC, N0U24EC, N0U31EC, N2B15US, N2B72US, N2X41UP, N3E62EC, N3F00EC, N3F54EC, N5M85US, N6G08US, N6G67US, N6M47LC, N7P80EC, N9M39US, N9T67UC, P5B73EC, T0U52EC, T0U55EC, T4U22UC, P5G48US, M6N03US, M8W19EP, N0N25US, N0W75UP, N0X79UC, N1G06US, N2C46US, N3E53EC, P5B56EP, N7P77EC, T0P12US, M3N86EA, N6Q15EA, T0K42PA, N4J46US, N2C22US, N9N64US, P7E90UC, T0N27US, P2Z97US, P2A85UC, P2Z51US, N3E52EC, T4M73LP, P3E80EP, T0M58US, T0U49EC, N9G37EC, K0J01ES, M3N32EA, N0U43EC, N4J85US, N5M91US, N5N91US, P5C01EP, M8W68EP, N3E51EC, G8R92AV, N2C31US, G8R96AV, G8R99AV, G8S00AV, M1S53UC, M6G16UC, M6U31AW, M6U35AW, M8T46US, M8W52EC, M9M85US, N0N06US, N0Y03UC, N1E18US, N1E40US, N2A55US, N2Q68EP, N2R15EP, N2X48UP, N2X89UP, N3C82UC, N4H35UC, P2A90UC, P7X69US, N0Y02UC, M9C19UC, M9P50US, T0P07US, N6G53US, G8R95AV, G8R97AV, H0HK7EC, H0HK9EC, H0HM8EC, H9V82EA, H9W17EA, H9W18EA, H9W19EA, H9W20EA, H9W27ES, H9W29ES, H9W32ET, H9W44ET, H9W45ET, J7M57US, J8R51EA, J8R60EA, J8R61EA, J8R62EA, J8R63EA, J8R64EA, J8R94EA, K0H90ES, K0H93ES, K1C91PT, K1C92PT, L1C94AA, L1C96AA, L1C97AA, L1C98AA, L1C99AA, L1D00AA, L1X78PA, L1X86PA, L1X87PA, L2W81AW, L2W82AW, L3J31PT, L3V96EP, L3W07EC, L3W10EC, L3Z71UA, L3Z71UT, L3Z72UA, L3Z72UT, L3Z73UA, L3Z73UT, L3Z74UT, L3Z75UT, L3Z76UT, L3Z77UT, L3Z78UT, L3Z79UT, L4A19UA, L4A19UT, L4A20UA, L4A20UT, L4A91UT, L4B04LA, L4B04LT, L4B05LA, L4B05LT, L4B06LA, L4B07LA, L4B07LT, L4B10LA, L4B10LT, L4B11LA, L4B11LT, L4B12LA, L4B12LT, L4B13LA, L4B13LT, L4B14LA, L4B14LT, L4B15LA, L4B15LT, L4B16LA, L4B16LT, L4B17LA, L4B17LT, L4B18LA, L4B18LT, L4M85US, L4M93US, L4M94US, L4N00US, L5H88PA, L5H89PA, L5H90PA, L5H91PA, L5J15PA, L5J16PA, L5J23PA, L5J24PA, L6B54PA, L6B63PA, L6B64PA, L6L74UP, L6M01UP, L6M72US, L6M75UP, L6M77UP, L6N05UC, L6N06UC, L6N16US, L6N22UP, L6N24UP, L6N27UP, L6N33UP, L6N66UP, L6N73UP, L6N81UP, L6N84UP, L6N94UP, L6P10UC, L6S96US, L6T14US, L6T17US, L6T48US, L6T87US, L6U38US, L6U53US, L6U79US, L6U96US, L6U97US, L8D13LA, L8D14LA, L8E94US, L8F05US, L8F10US, L8P85EC, L8P86EC, L8P94EC, L8P96EC, L8S66UC, L8S82UC, L8S83UC, L8T32ES, L8T33EA, L8T35EA, L8T37EA, L8T38EA, L8T40ET, L8T41ET, L8T59ES, L8T60ES, L8T61ES, L8T62ES, L8T63ES, L8T92EA, L8T93ES, L8U01ES, L8U12ET, L8U13ET, L8U21ES, L9A86PA, L9A87PA, L9F76US, L9F89US, L9F97US, L9G17US, L9G26US, L9G29US, L9G36US, L9G39US, L9G45US, L9G51US, L9G71US, L9G72US, L9H81UP, L9J38UP, L9S70PA, L9S71PA, L9S74PA, L9S80PA, L9S83PA, L9V26UC, L9V28UC, L9V36UC, L9V37UC, M0D66PA, M0D67PA, M0D68PA, M0V10US, M0V12US, M0V13US, M0V18US, M0V23US, M0V46US, M0V47US, M0V48US, M0V49US, M0V50US, M0V55US, M0V62US, M0V77US, M0V84US, M0V92US, M0W05US, M0W10US, M0W18US, M0W19US, M0W20US, M0W21US, M0W23US, M0W29US, M0W38US, M0W47US, M0W53US, M0W54US, M0W94US, M0W97US, M0W98US, M0X03US, M0X20US, M0X24US, M0X42US, M0X53US, M0X56US, M0X67US, M0X81US, M0X82US, M0X85US, M0X92US, M0X94US, M0Y00US, M1E10EC, M1E15EP, M1E17EP, M1E19EP, M1E23EP, M1E25EP, M1E33EP, M1E45EP, M1H47PP, M1H48PP, M1S18UC, M1S19UC, M1S22UC, M1S31UC, M1S35UC, M1S41UC, M1S47UC, M1S49UC, M1S52UC, M1S56UC, M1S57UC, M1V09PP, M1V10PP, M2D71PP, M2D81UP, M2D95UP, M2E00US, M2E01US, M2E04UP, M2E05UP, M2E06UP, M2E07UP, M2E11UP, M2E33UP, M2E35UP, M2E36UP, M2E37UP, M2E43UP, M2E44UP, M2E53UP, M2E54UP, M2E55UP, M2E56UP, M2E68UP, M2E69UP, M2E82UP, M2E83UC, M2E85UP, M2E89UP, M2F06UP, M2F07UP, M2F08UP, M2F14UP, M2F16UP, M2F18UP, M2F20UP, M2F23UP, M2F33UP, M2F35UP, M2F36UP, M2F37UC, M2F55UP, M2F59UP, M2F61UP, M2F62UP, M2F63UP, M2F64UP, M2F67UP, 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P7Q71PA, T0M86US, T1C30PP, T3K57EP, T4T35UC, T4U45UP, T4U46UP, T5S83US, T6A33EC, M2E95UC, M6L84UP, M6M67US, M6N38US, M6U33AW, M7C47UP, M7C56UP, M8W57EP, M9N98US, N0P19UP, N0W02UP, N2A94US, N2Q50PP, N2Q57PP, N2W10UP, N2W73UP, N2X10UP, N2X52UP, N6G30US, N6K16UP, N6M61LP, N9G25EP, N9N23US, N9P13US, P2Y31US, P2Y35US, P3E86EP, P3S07PP, M8W82EP, N0U09EC, N0U40EC, P7U00PP, H0HN7EC, M1E48EP, M3M44EC, M5D94US, M6N20US, M7C15UP, M7C33UP, M8V42LC, N0U54EC, N0V27UP, N0W36UP, N0X92UC, N1F54US, N2C81US, N2Q72EC, N2R14EP, N2R21EP, N2W84UP, N3C13PP, N3C14PP, N4H44UC, N4H47UC, N6L82UP, N6M40UP, N9N93US, N9T80UC, P0C11LP, P0C14LP, P2C04LP, P7G88UC, T0A02PC, T0M23US, T4U00UP, T6D65LP, H0HM3EC, H0HM4EC, N2Q77EP, N3E65EC, N9G01EP, P7U41PP, H0HM9EC, H0HN8EC, L1C95AA, M1E46EP, M3M41EC, M3N77ES, M6G35UC, M6M68US, M6N66US, M6N76US, M6N85US, M6N89US, M6U29AW, M7C32UP, M7C46UP, M7C50UP, M8T57US, M8W54EP, M8W59EP, N0B78PA, N0U46EC, N0V41UP, N0V60UP, N0V68UC, N0W79UP, N1E67US, N1F27US, N1F32US, N1F90US, N1F91US, 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M7B97UP, M9N92US, M9N93US, N0U48EC, N0V23UP, N0V35UC, N0W07UP, N0W57UP, N0W58UP, N0W64UP, N0W68UP, N1B17PP, N1E51US, N2B69US, N2R58EP, N2W50UP, N2W54UP, N2W77UP, N2W78UP, N2X03UP, N2X15UP, N2X35UP, N2X79UP, N4H39UC, N4J33US, N4M83PP, N4M84PP, N5M93US, N5N62US, N5Q88PP, N5Q89PP, N6G65US, N6G66US, N6H00US, N6H06US, N6H29US, N6H47US, N6K31UP, N6K99UP, N6M82UP, N9N84US, N9P82US, P2Y51US, P2Z66US, P2Z68US, P4T64ES, P4T65ES, P5B99EP, P5C03EP, P5E89US, P5F10US, P5H19US, P5H20US, P7E98UC, P7N47UP, P7N49UP, P7N65UP, P7X42US, P7X93US, T0P15US, T1B75UP, T4B77US, T4C07US, T4C65US, T4C83US, T4H35EA, T4R93UC, T4R95UC, T4U43UP, T5S09US, T6C78UC, T7C52PC, T7C53PC, M3N48ES, M6N49US, M6N68US, N0U25EC, N0V93UP, N0X88UC, N1B16PP, N1E83US, N2A31US, N2A85US, N2C61US, N2W91UP, N2X40LP, N4H38UC, N4H61UC, N4J19US, N5D71PC, N6H62US, N6K20UP, N6Q16EA, N6Q16ET, N8T08PP, N8U24PP, N9F72PC, N9N46US, P0C31LP, P2B05UP, P2Z58US, P5E88US, P5G05US, P7E78UC, P7N35UP, T0P10US, T4C84US, T4T67LP, N1E84US, N4E90PC, N4E95PC, N7G31UC, N7G54PC, N9T68UC, P2Z87US, P4C30UC, T5S86US, M7C35UP, G8R93AV, G8R94AV, G8R98AV, N2W08UC, N9P53US, N2W79UP, M3N53ES, M3N20ES, M3N59ES, N6Q25ES, P0C59UT, P0C57UT, P0C58UT, P0C66UT, P0C60UT, P5B55EP, N3F27EC, M5J32UP,


This HP EliteBook 840 G2 AC Adapter comes with ONE Year Warranty and 60 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. This For HP EliteBook 840 G2 ac adapter features latest technology on all components and parts. Please see the detail features below:

  • Every product pass through strict safety testing.
  • Approvals: CE&FCC&RoHS .
  • 100% compatible, replacement part.
  • Protection over charge,over discharge,over current,over heating and short circuit auto-protection.
  • High power exchange efficiency to control working temperature.
  • 1 Year Warranty,60 Days Money Back.
Proper use:

1. Don't put the power supply near any heat source, such as a radiator, a heat register, a stove, or an amplifier.

2. Don't stack other electronic devices on top of the power supply.

3. Don't put the power supply on a bed, a sofa, or any other soft surface that might block the ventilation openings.

4. Unplug laptop AC power adapter when not in use.

5. Don't put the power supply in a confined space, such as a bookcase, a rack, or a stereo cabinet, unless that space is well-ventilated.