HP 15-r100 AC Adapter

Batterie pour HP 15-r100 AC Adapter

For HP 15-r100 AC Adapter + Free Power Cord

This is high quality HP 15-r100 AC Adapter, provides your laptop/tablet with safe and reliable power. It is lightweight, easy to carry, perfect for the home, office, or travel. You will always get the best result from this portable AC Adapter. This For HP 15-r100 Charger is 100% compatible and guaranteed meets or exceeds the original manufacturer specifications.

  • Condition:100% Brand New For HP 15-r100 Power Supply
  • Quality Assurance:CE & FCC & RoHS
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty | 60 Days Money Back
  • Safety:Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection .
  • For HP 15-r100 AC Adapter Come with Power cord, Free!!

Price: $28.99

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  • Product Details

Brand New AC Adapter Charger Power Supply 45W for HP 15-r100 Notebook PC Series

Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output : 19.5V ~ 2.31A , 19.5V ~ 3.33A

Power: 45W/65W

Connecter size: 4.5X3.0MM

Package Included :
1 X Brand New AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)

Fits for laptop computer model:

HP 15 Notebook series series
HP 15-r100 Notebook PC

HP 15-r100ne NOTEBOOK PC K1R69EA
HP 15-r100nia NOTEBOOK PC K0X54EA
HP 15-r100np NOTEBOOK PC K1V97EA
HP 15-r100nv Notebook PC K0W31EA
HP 15-r100nx Notebook PC K1S20EA
HP 15-r101TU Notebook PC J8C79PA
HP 15-r101na NOTEBOOK PC K1W67EA
HP 15-r101nl NOTEBOOK PC K1J64EA
HP 15-r101np Notebook PC K1V99EA
HP 15-r101ns NOTEBOOK PC K1W00EA
HP 15-r101nw Notebook PC K6Z91EA
HP 15-r101nx Notebook PC K0X59EA
HP 15-r102TU Notebook PC K2N29PA
HP 15-r102na NOTEBOOK PC K1W69EA
HP 15-r102ne NOTEBOOK PC K0X60EA
HP 15-r102ng NOTEBOOK PC K1H38EA
HP 15-r102ni Notebook PC K0X61EA
HP 15-r102nia NOTEBOOK PC K0X62EA
HP 15-r102nl NOTEBOOK PC K1S21EA
HP 15-r102no Notebook PC K1W70EA
HP 15-r102ns NOTEBOOK PC K3J26EA
HP 15-r103TU Notebook PC K2N30PA
HP 15-r103ne NOTEBOOK PC K0X64EA
HP 15-r103ng NOTEBOOK PC K3F95EA
HP 15-r103nl NOTEBOOK PC K1S22EA
HP 15-r103np NOTEBOOK PC K1W02EA
HP 15-r103ns NOTEBOOK PC K4C70EA
HP 15-r103nt NOTEBOOK PC K1G23EA
HP 15-r104TU Notebook PC K2N31PA
HP 15-r104ne NOTEBOOK PC K0Y28EA
HP 15-r104nf NOTEBOOK PC K1J67EA
HP 15-r104ng NOTEBOOK PC K3H70EA
HP 15-r104ni Notebook PC K1Q60EA
HP 15-r104nia NOTEBOOK PC K0X68EA
HP 15-r104no NOTEBOOK PC K4D14EA
HP 15-r104np NOTEBOOK PC K1W03EA
HP 15-r104nv Notebook PC K0W34EA
HP 15-r105TU Notebook PC K2N32PA
HP 15-r105ne NOTEBOOK PC K1G24EA
HP 15-r105nia NOTEBOOK PC K0X71EA
HP 15-r105nv Notebook PC K0W36EA
HP 15-r106TU Notebook PC K2N33PA
HP 15-r106ne NOTEBOOK PC K1G27EA
HP 15-r106nf NOTEBOOK PC K1X31EA
HP 15-r106nia NOTEBOOK PC K0X73EA
HP 15-r106nl NOTEBOOK PC K1R72EA
HP 15-r107TU Notebook PC K2N34PA
HP 15-r107ne NOTEBOOK PC K1G30EA
HP 15-r107nf NOTEBOOK PC K1X32EA
HP 15-r107nl NOTEBOOK PC K1R73EA
HP 15-r108TU Notebook PC K2N35PA
HP 15-r108ne NOTEBOOK PC K1R74EA
HP 15-r108nk NOTEBOOK PC K1S24EA
HP 15-r108nl NOTEBOOK PC K1R75EA
HP 15-r108nv NOTEBOOK PC K0X80EA
HP 15-r108nx NOTEBOOK PC K5E78EA
HP 15-r109TU Notebook PC K2N36PA
HP 15-r109ns Notebook PC K4D84EA
HP 15-r110TU Notebook PC K2N67PA
HP 15-r110la Notebook PC J2M92LA
HP 15-r110na NOTEBOOK PC K1W79EA
HP 15-r110nia NOTEBOOK PC K1J71EA
HP 15-r110ns Notebook PC K4D85EA
HP 15-r111TU Notebook PC K2N68PA
HP 15-r111na NOTEBOOK PC K1W80EA
HP 15-r111ne NOTEBOOK PC K1R79EA
HP 15-r111nia NOTEBOOK PC K1J72EA
HP 15-r111nt NOTEBOOK PC K1G38EA
HP 15-r112TU Notebook PC K2P53PA
HP 15-r112TX Notebook PC K2P00PA
HP 15-r112na NOTEBOOK PC K1W81EA
HP 15-r112ne NOTEBOOK PC K1R80EA
HP 15-r112nf NOTEBOOK PC K1Y37EA
HP 15-r112nl NOTEBOOK PC K1Y86EA
HP 15-r112nt NOTEBOOK PC K1G40EA
HP 15-r113TU Notebook PC K5C22PA
HP 15-r113TX Notebook PC K2P01PA
HP 15-r113ne NOTEBOOK PC K1Y87EA
HP 15-r113nl NOTEBOOK PC K2V34EA
HP 15-r113nt NOTEBOOK PC K1G42EA
HP 15-r114TU Notebook PC K5C23PA
HP 15-r114TX Notebook PC K5C20PA
HP 15-r114ne NOTEBOOK PC K1Y88EA
HP 15-r115TU Notebook PC K5C24PA
HP 15-r115TX Notebook PC K5C21PA
HP 15-r115ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F37EA
HP 15-r115nia NOTEBOOK PC K1H87EA
HP 15-r115nk NOTEBOOK PC K2V36EA
HP 15-r115nt NOTEBOOK PC K1G45EA
HP 15-r115nv Notebook PC K1W84EA
HP 15-r116TU Notebook PC K5C25PA
HP 15-r116TX Notebook PC K8T63PA
HP 15-r116ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F38EA
HP 15-r116ni NOTEBOOK PC K6D13EA
HP 15-r116nia NOTEBOOK PC K1P80EA
HP 15-r116nk NOTEBOOK PC K2V37EA
HP 15-r116nt NOTEBOOK PC K1R81EA
HP 15-r116nv NOTEBOOK PC K2V38EA
HP 15-r116nx Notebook PC K8L92EA
HP 15-r117TU Notebook PC K5C39PA
HP 15-r117na NOTEBOOK PC K1X37EA
HP 15-r117ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F39EA
HP 15-r117nf NOTEBOOK PC K1Y42EA
HP 15-r117nia NOTEBOOK PC K1P86EA
HP 15-r117nk NOTEBOOK PC K2V39EA
HP 15-r117nl NOTEBOOK PC K3F98EA
HP 15-r117nt NOTEBOOK PC K1R82EA
HP 15-r117nx Notebook PC K8L93EA
HP 15-r118TU Notebook PC K5C40PA
HP 15-r118ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F40EA
HP 15-r118nk NOTEBOOK PC K2V42EA
HP 15-r118nt NOTEBOOK PC K3G71EA
HP 15-r118nv NOTEBOOK PC K2V43EA
HP 15-r119TU Notebook PC K8T57PA
HP 15-r119nf Notebook PC K2V44EA
HP 15-r119nk NOTEBOOK PC K3F52EA
HP 15-r119nt NOTEBOOK PC K3G72EA
HP 15-r119nv Notebook PC K2V45EA
HP 15-r119nx Notebook PC K8L95EA
HP 15-r120TU Notebook PC K8T64PA
HP 15-r120ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F53EA
HP 15-r120nk NOTEBOOK PC K3G00EA
HP 15-r120np Notebook PC K6Y66EA
HP 15-r120ns Notebook PC K6Z37EA
HP 15-r120nt Notebook PC K8M24EA
HP 15-r120nw Notebook PC K1Q11EA
HP 15-r120nx Notebook PC K8L96EA
HP 15-r121TU Notebook PC K8T65PA
HP 15-r121ne NOTEBOOK PC K3F54EA
HP 15-r121nf NOTEBOOK PC K2V47EA
HP 15-r121ng Notebook PC K4C36EA
HP 15-r121nk NOTEBOOK PC K3G01EA
HP 15-r121ns Notebook PC K6Z38EA
HP 15-r121nt Notebook PC K8M25EA
HP 15-r122TU Notebook PC K8T66PA
HP 15-r122ne Notebook PC K6Z39EA
HP 15-r122nl NOTEBOOK PC K3G73EA
HP 15-r122ns Notebook PC K6Z40EA
HP 15-r123TU Notebook PC K8T74PA
HP 15-r123ne Notebook PC K6Z42EA
HP 15-r123ns Notebook PC K6Z43EA
HP 15-r123nx Notebook PC K8L99EA
HP 15-r124TU Notebook PC K8T75PA
HP 15-r124ns NOTEBOOK PC K7Q09EA
HP 15-r124nv NOTEBOOK PC K6Z60EA
HP 15-r124nx Notebook PC K8M00EA
HP 15-r125na NOTEBOOK PC K4C39EA
HP 15-r125ne Notebook PC K6Z92EA
HP 15-r125nf NOTEBOOK PC K4C71EA
HP 15-r125ns Notebook PC K8L53EA
HP 15-r126na Notebook PC K4F25EA
HP 15-r126ne Notebook PC K6Z93EA
HP 15-r126ns Notebook PC K8L54EA
HP 15-r127na NOTEBOOK PC K4F26EA
HP 15-r127ne Notebook PC K6Z94EA
HP 15-r127nf NOTEBOOK PC K4D17EA
HP 15-r127nv Notebook PC K8M96EA
HP 15-r127nx Notebook PC K8M03EA
HP 15-r128ne NOTEBOOK PC K6X56EA
HP 15-r129ne Notebook PC K6Z95EA
HP 15-r129nl NOTEBOOK PC K5D88EA
HP 15-r130nf NOTEBOOK PC K4D86EA
HP 15-r130nv NOTEBOOK PC K7Q74EA
HP 15-r130nw Notebook PC K6Y68EA
HP 15-r131nx Notebook PC K8M07EA
HP 15-r132ng Notebook PC K7R81EA
HP 15-r134nf NOTEBOOK PC K5F04EA
HP 15-r138nf Notebook PC K4E27EA
HP 15-r139nf Notebook PC K4E28EA
HP 15-r148nf NOTEBOOK PC K6X69EA
HP 15-r150na NOTEBOOK PC K1X43EA
HP 15-r150nh Notebook PC K6Y27EA
HP 15-r150nm NOTEBOOK PC K1Q12EA
HP 15-r150nu Notebook PC K6Y28EA
HP 15-r150sa Notebook PC K1X44EA
HP 15-r151nr NOTEBOOK PC K5F05EA
HP 15-r151nu Notebook PC K6Y30EA
HP 15-r152nf Notebook PC K6Y31EA
HP 15-r152nr NOTEBOOK PC K5F06EA
HP 15-r152nu Notebook PC K6Y69EA
HP 15-r153nc NOTEBOOK PC K1J75EA
HP 15-r153nf Notebook PC K6Z16EA
HP 15-r153nm Notebook PC K6Z62EA
HP 15-r153nr NOTEBOOK PC K5F07EA
HP 15-r154nf Notebook PC K6Z96EA
HP 15-r155nf NOTEBOOK PC K7Q59EA
HP 15-r155nr NOTEBOOK PC K1X66EA
HP 15-r157nr NOTEBOOK PC K1X68EA
HP 15-r161nr Notebook PC K4C72EA
HP 15-r162nr NOTEBOOK PC K4C73EA
HP 15-r163nr Notebook PC K6Z97EA
HP 15-r175nr Notebook PC K5D89EA
HP 15-r176nr Notebook PC K5D90EA
HP 15-r178nm Notebook PC K8N04EA
HP 15-r178nr Notebook PC K5E04EA
HP 15-r184nr Notebook PC K5E10EA
HP 15-r189ng Notebook PC K5E47EA
HP 15-r196nr Notebook PC K7R67EA
HP 15-r197nr Notebook PC K8M08EA
HP 15-r198nr Notebook PC K8N05EA


This HP 15-r100 AC Adapter comes with ONE Year Warranty and 60 Days Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. This For HP 15-r100 ac adapter features latest technology on all components and parts. Please see the detail features below:

  • Every product pass through strict safety testing.
  • Approvals: CE&FCC&RoHS .
  • 100% compatible, replacement part.
  • Protection over charge,over discharge,over current,over heating and short circuit auto-protection.
  • High power exchange efficiency to control working temperature.
  • 1 Year Warranty,60 Days Money Back.
Proper use:

1. Don't put the power supply near any heat source, such as a radiator, a heat register, a stove, or an amplifier.

2. Don't stack other electronic devices on top of the power supply.

3. Don't put the power supply on a bed, a sofa, or any other soft surface that might block the ventilation openings.

4. Unplug laptop AC power adapter when not in use.

5. Don't put the power supply in a confined space, such as a bookcase, a rack, or a stereo cabinet, unless that space is well-ventilated.