COMPAQ Presario CQ35

Batterie pour COMPAQ Presario CQ35

Replacement For COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Laptop Battery

New Repalcement For COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Laptop Battery,The Battery for COMPAQ Presario CQ35 has all the same functions as the original battery, made from the highest quality cells, excellent quality and cheap price with the best service. All batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance.

  • Condition: Brand New, 100% Compatible with Original one
  • Quality Assurance: CE, FCC Approved,RoHS Compliant
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty | 30 Days Money Back
  • Safety: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection ,Over Current Protection.

Price: $54.61

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  • Product Details
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity:71Wh / 9Cell
Weight: 398g
Size:204.10 x 51.70 x 37.80 mm

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Fits model:
COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Series(All)
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-100COMPAQ Presario CQ35-101TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-101TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-102TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-102TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-103TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-103TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-104TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-104TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-105TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-105TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-106TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-106TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-107TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-107TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-108TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-108TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-109TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-109TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-110TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-110TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-111TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-111TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-112TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-112TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-113TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-113TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-114TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-114TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-115TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-115TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-116TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-116TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-117TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-117TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-118TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-118TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-119TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-120TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-121TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-122TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-124TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-125TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-126TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-127TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-128TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-129TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-200
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-201TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-202TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-202TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-203TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-204TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-205TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-206TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-207TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-208TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-211TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-213TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-214TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-215TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-216TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-217TU
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-217TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-218TUCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-219TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-222TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-223TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-224TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-225TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-226TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-227TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-228TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-229TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-230TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-233TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-235TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-236TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-238TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-240TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-241TX
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-242TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-243TXCOMPAQ Presario CQ35-244TX


This replacement for COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Battery is made with Grade A Samsung cells to give you the safest, most reliable battery power available. The battery is designed to meet manufacturer's original specifications.Backed with our trusted laptop battery and a full 1 year warranty, make your laptop new again with the COMPAQ Presario CQ35 laptop battery.

  • Replacement For COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Laptop Battery.
  • High-quality li-lon cells, safe and convenient
  • The COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Battery through fully computerized refined by advanced technology, lead-free operating system to ensure that the product is not mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances, in full compliance with the requirements of environmental protection.
  • Battery shell mold through sophisticated design, using high-intensity fire produced eco-friendly materials, the appearance of original equipment batteries to meet the requirements.
  • Using the most advanced power management chip, a combination of safe design, makes our safe and reliable battery in the premise, to achieve the best performance.
Proper use:

1. Upon initial use (or after a prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

2. If the COMPAQ Presario CQ35 battery will not be used for a month or longer, it’s recommended that it is removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place at about a 50% capacity level.

3. Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant stake of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.