ASUS A32-K55

Batterie pour ASUS A32-K55

Replacement For ASUS A32-K55 Laptop Battery

New Repalcement For ASUS A32-K55 Laptop Battery,The Battery for ASUS A32-K55 has all the same functions as the original battery, made from the highest quality cells, excellent quality and cheap price with the best service. All batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance.

  • Condition: Brand New, 100% Compatible with Original one
  • Quality Assurance: CE, FCC Approved,RoHS Compliant
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty | 30 Days Money Back
  • Safety: Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection ,Over Current Protection.

Price: $42.62

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  • Product Details
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V or 11.1V
Capacity:5200mAh / 6Cell
Weight: 387g
Size:270.00 x 53.00 x 22.30 mm

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Fits model:
ASUS A45 Series
ASUS A45A SeriesASUS A45D SeriesASUS A45DE Series
ASUS A45DR SeriesASUS A45N SeriesASUS A45V Series
ASUS A45VD SeriesASUS A45VG SeriesASUS A45VJ Series
ASUS A45VM SeriesASUS A45VS Series
ASUS A55 Series
ASUS A55A SeriesASUS A55D SeriesASUS A55DE Series
ASUS A55DR SeriesASUS A55N SeriesASUS A55V Series
ASUS A55VD SeriesASUS A55VJ SeriesASUS A55VM Series
ASUS A55VS Series
ASUS A75 Series
ASUS A75A SeriesASUS A75D SeriesASUS A75DE Series
ASUS A75V SeriesASUS A75VD SeriesASUS A75VJ Series
ASUS A75VM Series
ASUS A85 Series
ASUS A85A SeriesASUS A85D SeriesASUS A85DE Series
ASUS A85DR SeriesASUS A85N SeriesASUS A85V Series
ASUS A85VD SeriesASUS A85VJ SeriesASUS A85VM Series
ASUS A85VS Series
ASUS F45 Series
ASUS F45A SeriesASUS F45C SeriesASUS F45U Series
ASUS F45V SeriesASUS F45VD SeriesASUS F45VD1 Series
ASUS F55 Series
ASUS F55A SeriesASUS F55C SeriesASUS F55CR Series
ASUS F55U SeriesASUS F55V SeriesASUS F55VD Series
ASUS F55VDR Series
ASUS F75 Series
ASUS F75A SeriesASUS F75A1 SeriesASUS F75V Series
ASUS F75VB SeriesASUS F75VC SeriesASUS F75VD Series
ASUS F75VD1 Series
ASUS K45 Series
ASUS K45A SeriesASUS K45D SeriesASUS K45DE Series
ASUS K45DR SeriesASUS K45N SeriesASUS K45V Series
ASUS K45VD SeriesASUS K45VG SeriesASUS K45VJ Series
ASUS K45VM SeriesASUS K45VS Series
ASUS K55 Series
ASUS K55A SeriesASUS K55D SeriesASUS K55DE Series
ASUS K55DR SeriesASUS K55N SeriesASUS K55V Series
ASUS K55VD SeriesASUS K55VJ SeriesASUS K55VM Series
ASUS K55VS Series
ASUS K75 Series
ASUS K75A SeriesASUS K75D SeriesASUS K75DE Series
ASUS K75V SeriesASUS K75VD SeriesASUS K75VJ Series
ASUS K75VM Series
ASUS P45 Series
ASUS P45A SeriesASUS P45V SeriesASUS P45VA Series
ASUS P45VD SeriesASUS P45VJ Series
ASUS P55 Series
ASUS P55A SeriesASUS P55V SeriesASUS P55VA Series
ASUS Pro45 Series
ASUS Pro45V SeriesASUS Pro45VA SeriesASUS Pro45VJ Series
ASUS Q500 Series
ASUS Q500A Series
ASUS R400 Series
ASUS R400A SeriesASUS R400D SeriesASUS R400DE Series
ASUS R400DR SeriesASUS R400N SeriesASUS R400V Series
ASUS R400VD SeriesASUS R400VG SeriesASUS R400VJ Series
ASUS R400VM SeriesASUS R400VS Series
ASUS R403 Series
ASUS R403A SeriesASUS R403C SeriesASUS R403U Series
ASUS R403V SeriesASUS R403VD SeriesASUS R403VD1 Series
ASUS R500 Series
ASUS R500A SeriesASUS R500D SeriesASUS R500DE Series
ASUS R500DR SeriesASUS R500N SeriesASUS R500V Series
ASUS R500VD SeriesASUS R500VJ SeriesASUS R500VM Series
ASUS R500VS Series
ASUS R503 Series
ASUS R503A SeriesASUS R503C SeriesASUS R503CR Series
ASUS R503U SeriesASUS R503V SeriesASUS R503VD Series
ASUS R503VDR Series
ASUS R700 Series
ASUS R700A SeriesASUS R700D SeriesASUS R700DE Series
ASUS R700V SeriesASUS R700VD SeriesASUS R700VJ Series
ASUS R700VM Series
ASUS R704 Series
ASUS R704A SeriesASUS R704V SeriesASUS R704VB Series
ASUS R704VC SeriesASUS R704VD Series
ASUS U57 Series
ASUS U57A SeriesASUS U57D SeriesASUS U57DE Series
ASUS U57DR SeriesASUS U57N SeriesASUS U57V Series
ASUS U57VD SeriesASUS U57VJ SeriesASUS U57VM Series
ASUS X45 Series
ASUS X45A SeriesASUS X45C SeriesASUS X45U Series
ASUS X45V SeriesASUS X45VD SeriesASUS X45VJ Series
ASUS X55 Series
ASUS X55A SeriesASUS X55C SeriesASUS X55CR Series
ASUS X55U SeriesASUS X55V SeriesASUS X55VD Series
ASUS X55VJ SeriesASUS X55VM Series
ASUS X552 Series
ASUS X552V SeriesASUS X552VL Series
ASUS X75 Series
ASUS X75A SeriesASUS X75V SeriesASUS X75VD Series
ASUS X75VJ SeriesASUS X75VM Series


This replacement for ASUS A32-K55 Battery is made with Grade A Samsung cells to give you the safest, most reliable battery power available. The battery is designed to meet manufacturer's original specifications.Backed with our trusted laptop battery and a full 1 year warranty, make your laptop new again with the ASUS A32-K55 laptop battery.

  • Replacement For ASUS A32-K55 Laptop Battery.
  • High-quality li-lon cells, safe and convenient
  • The ASUS A32-K55 Battery through fully computerized refined by advanced technology, lead-free operating system to ensure that the product is not mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances, in full compliance with the requirements of environmental protection.
  • Battery shell mold through sophisticated design, using high-intensity fire produced eco-friendly materials, the appearance of original equipment batteries to meet the requirements.
  • Using the most advanced power management chip, a combination of safe design, makes our safe and reliable battery in the premise, to achieve the best performance.
Proper use:

1. Upon initial use (or after a prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

2. If the ASUS A32-K55 battery will not be used for a month or longer, it’s recommended that it is removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place at about a 50% capacity level.

3. Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant stake of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the battery.